The Miracle-Ear Foundation® serves and supports children and adults who have a hearing loss. Our Gift of Sound™ program provides hearing aids and hearing support services to families or individuals who have incomes that are significantly limited, are unable to afford the high costs of quality hearing instruments, and have exhausted all possible resources for their hearing health. Hearing challenges are unique. Every application for service and support is considered on an individual basis. 

Please click here to carefully review the eligibility requirements before you apply for the Gift of Sound program. Our online application is supported by Submittable. Before beginning the application you will need to create a Submittable account. Once created, you may begin the application process.

We recommend that every child with a hearing loss be directed to an audiologist for evaluation and rehabilitation since hearing loss often challenges children in the areas of language development and educational and social growth. 


This program is to assist underserved hard of hearing individuals, who have exhausted all other options for assistance with hearing aids, and fit the income eligibility guidelines. Our eligibility requirements are designed to reach those who need our help most. If you fit within the eligibility requirements and have carefully reviewed the criteria for income, assets and hearing loss, you may be eligible for services from the Miracle-Ear Foundation. Please click here to review our eligibility requirements. 

Please contact your local Miracle-Ear store to confirm it participates in the Miracle-Ear Foundation program and if they can accept your application for services. Locate a participating store here or call 1-800-464-8002.  You must be denied financing options available by the store before applying. The Miracle-Ear store will complete this step and provide their store information after you add them as a collaborator. Adult applicants (19 & older) must bring the $150 non-refundable application fee made payable to the Miracle-Ear Foundation. A cashier's check or money order are the only approved methods of payment.  

Fully complete the application and review that the information you submit is correct regarding household size and household income. Proof of income is required for every adult in the household and you will be asked to provide specific documents based on the details provided in the Household and Financial Information section.  The application is separated into six sections outlined below. You may save as a draft at any time and return to it later. You will need your local Miracle-Ear store's email address to add them as a collaborator to complete the store information in Section 2. If you need help completing the application at any time, click the Add a Contributor button at the top of the page to invite a companion to assist you. 

     Section 1: Miracle-Ear Store Information – Miracle-Ear store completes 

     Section 2: General Information – Applicant/Parent/Guardian completes

     Section 3: Household & Financial Information – Applicant/Parent/Guardian completes

     Section 4: Medical Clearance – Applicant/Parent/Guardian completes

     Section 5: Biography and Testimonial Consent form - Optional, Applicant/Parent/Guardian completes

     Section 6: Program Agreement Form -- Applicant/Parent/Guardian signature required

ADULTS (19 and older)

A $150 non-refundable application fee made payable to the Miracle-Ear Foundation, is required for all adult applicants and must be received by your local Miracle-Ear store, before the application can be reviewed. We accept cashier's check and money order, but cannot accept personal checks.  

CHILDREN (18 and younger)

Child applicants must have an audiogram completed by an audiologist and a medical clearance form completed by a physician (MD, ENT) to be fitted with hearing aids. The medical clearance form can be found on page seven. Both must be dated within six months of application to the Miracle-Ear Foundation.

A current audiogram dated within the last 6 months is required for child applications.

Click here to view answers to our frequently asked questions about the Gift of Sound program. If you have additional questions about the application process or eligibility please contact the Miracle-Ear Foundation at or 1-800-234-5422.